Market oriented, customer demand is our innovation. Our company has successfully developed and mass produced HDMI + USB / RJ45 + HDMI / RJ45 + USB combination connector.

In order to reduce product power consumption, save space and reduce cost, integrated components become more and more engineers’ choice.

Our company has mass production:


RJ45+HDMI Combination module Jack/RJ 45+HDMI Combination Integrated magnetic(10/100/1000M);

RJ45+USB-A Combination module Jack/RJ45+HDMI Combination Integrated magnetic(10/100/1000M);

RJ45+USB-B Combination module Jack/RJ45+HDMI Combination Integrated magnetic(10/100/1000M)。

The integrated combined connector meets the integrated installation of different types of sockets, greatly improves the space utilization of the motherboard and makes it more compatible.

Post time: Jan-12-2021